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 Welcome Board Rules

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PostSubject: Welcome Board Rules   Thu Nov 01, 2012 10:58 pm

How to use the Welcome forum

Please keep the following in mind before posting your introduction.

- Please use English when posting, Creation Depot is an English site .

- Try to refrain from using chatspeak. It can be very difficult to read to many people.

Welcome forum rules

These rules are so the forum stays organized for the new users:

- Please no bringing old topics up. It will only move the newer topics down so that they will have less of a chance to be seen. So please be courteous to new posters.

- ABSOLUTELY NO SPAMMING. Do not go down the page and post the same topic over and over. Doing this is considered spamming and you will get a warning for it. Also, please vary what you reply on each topic, that s also spamming.

Whether it be helpful or not, each message must be distinctly different from the last one you posted. Posting just `Hi. Welcome.` in 50 topics only makes it look like you are trying to up your post count.

- Only post topic on being new. Please do not post here solely for finding friends.

- Please only topics from new users, we don't want topics from older users offering help. That is what the Questions forum is for.

- As mentioned before, the Welcome forum is for new users. If you are an older/existing account holder who is returning after being away for a while, please use the Social board to announce your return.
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Welcome Board Rules
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